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Educating Beyond the Classroom

Short Courses

Management of Wastes and Duty of Care

This course is aimed at providing information on the management of business and commercial wastes, the information provided will demonstrate how to deal responsibly with any waste your business produces. This is known as your ‘duty of care’. Business waste includes any waste that comes from:

  • construction
  • demolition
  • industry
  • agriculture
  • any commercial activity - including any you run from your home

Your duty of care lasts from the moment the waste is produced to when it’s received by a business that is authorised to deal with it. For example, a licensed disposal site.

Manual Handling

To ensure that the risk of manual handling is minimised in your organisation, the Manual Handling Course. Identifies the factors involved in the assessment and control of the risks associated with manual handling.

Explains how to undertake a preliminary risk assessment to assess whether manual handling can be avoided.

Enables the learner to identify and implement measures in order to minimise and control risk.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments form the lynchpin of health and safety management and this occupational safety training course puts the emphasis on practical exercises, meaning that delegates will leave with the ability to perform risk assessments in their own organisations.

A risk assessment is an important step in protecting your workers and your business, as well as complying with the law. It helps you focus on the risks that really matter in your workplace - the ones with the potential to cause harm. In many instances, straightforward measures can readily control risks - such as ensuring spillages are cleaned up promptly so people do not slip. For most, that means simple, cheap and effective measures to ensure your most valuable asset - your workforce - is protected.

The law does not expect you to eliminate all risk, but you are required to protect people as far as is "reasonably practicable".

Understanding Health and Safety

Employers have a legal responsibility to provide key safety information to staff. Your staff need to understand Health & Safety basics in the workplace. The Health & Safety Awareness Course will deliver exactly that and provide your business with legal compliance.

This course introduces the candidate to many aspects of the Health & Safety at Work and is intended help raise safety standards and awareness. By the end of the course delegates will know how to manage safety effectively.

The Health & Safety Awareness Course is perfect for delivering the exact amount of safety awareness information to your staff. There is no time for delegates to become bored because the course is delivered at a high tempo and usually completed within 3 hours.

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