Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Learners dealing with internal or external customers will benefit from gaining knowledge, understanding and experience of dealing with routine and more difficult customers, confident in their use of language and of the processes designed to make their role effective.

Candidates could have jobs entitled:

Retail Manager
Shop Assistant
Customer Service Agent
Service Consultant

The purpose of this Level 2/3 Diploma in Customer Service aims to build on or recognise good practice in customer service in any industry or to support technical expertise in any job role, acknowledging the importance of effective communication and service delivery.

Learners will have the opportunity to improve their own skills and to support others within their team or organisation in the development of excellent customer service.

The qualification covers areas such as:

  • Delivering customer service.
  • Understanding the customer.
  • Understanding employer organizations. 
  • Managing performance and development.

For a full breakdown of the Qualification, please click here.