Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Glass Fenestration refers to the openings in a building’s facade, most notably doors and windows. They are anything that allows for passage, from outside to inside as holes in the structure are important. The fenstration apprentership NVQ is designed for people working as installers of glass systems including doors and windows, the Fenestration Apprenticeship NVQ is usually completed in the workplace, and demonstrates competency against the National Occupational Standards. The qualifications are for people working in the glass installation sector that wish to demonstrate their competence against the National Occupational Standards.

The Installation of windows and doors plays a vital role in energy efficiency making it one of the most environmentally important industries in the UK. The Fenestration Apprenticeships equips the learner with a wide range of skills needed for the instillation of windows, doors and glass supporting structures.

The Fenestration Apprenticeship is ideal for those who are working as a Conservatory Installer, Window and Door Installer or Glazier. Those wanting to gain additional valuable expertise in the trade, and also those seeking to gain competence in supervisory or managerial roles, who will progress to Level 3.

The Units covered in the Fenestration Apprenticeship include:

Maintain Health and Safety within the Fenestration Installation Working Environment

Communicating and Working with Others in the Glass and Glass Related Working Environment

Locate, Handle, Transport and Position Materials and Components in the Fenestration Installation Working Environment

Identify and Confirm Installation Requirements

Install Window and Door Units

Remove Existing Window and Door and Prepare Apertures

Understanding the Building Regulations in the Fenestration Industry

The Fenestration Apprenticeship NVQ has been developed specifically to be delivered in a working environment; this means it offers the flexability to study this qualification from your place of work. The qualification will develop and recognise your skills, knowledge and competence so that you can work in Fenestration apprentership or progress onto further learning. This qualification supports the learner and nurtures fundamental and transferable practical skills while underpinning practical skills with relevent knowledge.