Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

The Diploma in Management at level 3/5 is aimed at anybody who is currently undertaking a management role, or for anybody aiming to take on such a role- but in order to complete your qualification it is required that you be observed undertaking management roles and tasks, so keep this in mind.

Candidates could have jobs entitled:

  • General manager
  • Supervisor
  • Retail manager
  • Sales manager

The Diploma in management has been designed to provide the candidate with knowledge going beyond that of a team leader. Management staff must be knowledgeable, influential and flexible in their approach to supporting and managing a team or department if they are to be successful.

This qualification aims to approach and nurture candidate understanding of a variety of subject areas in order to maximise their potential within a management role.

The qualification covers areas such as:

  • Managing team performance
  • Principles of people management
  • Principles of business
  • Principles of leadership and management
  • Managing personal and professional development

For a full breakdown of the Qualification, please click here.