Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Educating Beyond The Classroom

Learners will typically be part of a team working with staff responsible for a variety of activities including stock control, ongoing sales, sales generation, account management or design services.

Candidates could have jobs entitled:

  • Trade business manager
  • Trade marketing manager
  • Business development manager
  • Trade sales-person
  • Warehouse manager

This course is designed for those working in a trade business environment who want to increase their sales skills. It focuses on bettering customer relations whilsts keeping the limitations of the environment in mind.

This qualification is perfect for those who are just starting or already working in the trade business environment. Learners will have the opportunity to improve their own skills and to support others within their team or organisation in the development of excellent sales expertise.

The qualification covers areas such as:

  • Communicating with customers in the trade setting
  • Reducing risks of health and safety 
  • Using email for business to business communication 
  • Using written communication with customers

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